Staff Honored at BATCO August 04 2023, 0 Comments

Inducted to Colorado Baseball Coach Hall of Fame Coach Arnald Swift

The Colorado Baseball Coach Hall of Fame is an esteemed recognition program that honors outstanding baseball coaches in the state of Colorado. It celebrates the dedication, expertise, and impact of these coaches in shaping the future of baseball. An one of our staff members in fact the owner of, BATCO  was honored last year as an inductee to this organization. While he certainly doesn't want to brag he is greatly honored as he has been in baseball all his life.   this award was made because of contributions he's made to coaching, teaching,  and umpiring all for over 50 years at some level.  We would like to congratulate  Coach Arnald Swift.

Coach Swift in middle with Major League scout Julian Mock- honored as life time scout for MLB and the Cincinnati Reds, and right long time (retired) Coach Jabo Jordon or Southern Union CC in Whatley AL.