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Tryouts and what to look for

Posted: August 16 2017 in Baseball Coaching Questions & Answers

Parents, as your boy or girl gets better and  progresses into the sport of baseball and/or softball they're going to be faced with tryouts. Where a coach or set of coaches trying to determine  if he or she  can play on their team regardless of whether it's elite travel or...

Pitch Count and Thought

Posted: August 07 2017 in Baseball - Softball Knowledge

One of the biggest concerns that coaches and associations have these days is with pitchers and the care of their arms. Ultimately it really is the coach that needs to watch this but parents, associations, leagues, all have different thoughts and recommendations. I ran across this article from USA Today ...

NEW batting cage from BATCO

Posted: August 15 2017 in BATCO News and Information

We at BATCO have been working for the last two years to create a batting cage that's easy to use, durable, and stable for on the field hitting. So that  any team from youth,'s girls softball, baseball, even college teams could use.. We believe we've come up with that product...