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When Should Pitcher Start with Breaking Pitches? September 03 2018, 0 Comments

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Play Only 1 Sport March 12 2017, 0 Comments

I've been reading a lot about travel baseball here recently and how much time and effort spent the dedicated to it. For my own personal experience my grandson has now devoted since December until probably September/October  to baseball. They been having practice  once or twice a week  since after Christmas and as of today March 12th 2015 they've only played one game both of those in a practice tournament.

now that you have the picture the question is is that good for him, as a coach 34 years at the high school level in a coach for well over 40 years I question it. Every study you read there has been much of it recently  indicates that players become better athletes, begun better people, and are just better off all the way around in their life if they have diversity. Now I'm not saying there's not a time to start to dedicate to single sport that time is not when you're young by my definition young means actually under 18, though I'm sure somebody will argue there but I believe were kidding ourselves if we think we can make players starting at  8 or 9 years old and do nothing but a single sport.  I would be willing to bet a lot of money that for every one athlete that goes on it becomes very good in that single sport they dedicated all their time to  there are probably close to 100 that quit or find another sport.

So I'm going to offer this piece of advice you know you're doing your right by your player when you do what the player asks, there's the keyword what the player asks not what you thinks good not what you thinks should be done but what the player wants to do. Now  don't get me wrong  once you start doing something  do it right, and even do a hard  but please don't make your player become dedicated to a single sport at a very early age  or even up to high school. The odds of them becoming a better person are enormous compared the odds of them becoming a professional player. Think about it you and your kids will be happier if they diversify and enjoy and have fun.

Coach Arnald Swift's--  69 years a dad 45 years umpire and 50 years as a coach

Playing Other Sports and Throwing for Baseball August 11 2015, 0 Comments


My son is a freshman in High School and played competitive baseball from March-October of last year.  He will be playing JV basketball until JV Baseball starts in February.  He needed the break; however, should he
be throwing before baseball practice starts in February?  He’s a middle infielder and not an everyday pitcher.


This is a baseball and basket ball coaches answer, as I was both for a long time.
YES, only criteria is that he does not take time or effort away from his basketball ball team.
But yes he should start throwing, it is no different from running extra, weights, diet all the other things he may do out side of basketball.
I think he should play light catch from 30-40 foot for 5 days, move out to 50ft for 5 days, and so on with about 75 throws each day not don't worry about speed work on accuracy.
Then if time allow for him to get to the 110-120 ft mark then he should throw the last 10 throws of a session game speed.  BUT be sure (if you are listening to me) that he has to work up to the 110 ft distance and
Let me know how it all works out.
Coach Arnald Swift