How to Get Recruited December 06 2019, 0 Comments


Hey coach, I'm a 16 yr.old centerfielder and pitcher, playing AAA ball in London, Ontario, Canada. I was wondering what you think is the best way to

get noticed by colleges and universities?

Tyler Cornett



The best way, in fact it is the most common now, is for you to recruit the schools.  Don't wait for the schools to come to you.  I would add here that being in Canada makes this process more important.

I would do all of the following in no particular order.

  1. Decide if you are going to school to play baseball or if you are going to school and playing baseball. (This is the most important question.)
  2. Decide on where you want to go to school. (Type, 4-year, 2 years, location, etc)
  3. Put together a DVD of your skills. You can film this in a practice setting. Coach's like this better than game action.  As you can show off the individual skills one at a time and several times. (THROWING, FIELDING, RUNNING, BATTING, then specific skills for his position)

Make it real but don't exaggerate but at the same time don't send in bad stuff.

  1. Add some game tape of these skills if possible.
  2. This DVD needs to be about 10-15 minutes long. Coaches will not sit though a lot of other players. Make it about the player and spend the time.
  3. Let them know what you are doing and why you came to them.
  4. Give them all the contact information you can.
  5. Keep in contact as the season go on to show how you are doing with the schools/coaches you are interested in.

I offer these suggestions from my personal and professional experience and they worked for myself and my boys in their college careers.

Good luck and thank for the question.

Coach Arnald Swift