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Staff Honored at BATCO August 04 2023, 0 Comments

Inducted to Colorado Baseball Coach Hall of Fame Coach Arnald Swift

The Colorado Baseball Coach Hall of Fame is an esteemed recognition program that honors outstanding baseball coaches in the state of Colorado. It celebrates the dedication, expertise, and impact of these coaches in shaping the future of baseball. An one of our staff members in fact the owner of, BATCO  was honored last year as an inductee to this organization. While he certainly doesn't want to brag he is greatly honored as he has been in baseball all his life.   this award was made because of contributions he's made to coaching, teaching,  and umpiring all for over 50 years at some level.  We would like to congratulate  Coach Arnald Swift.

Coach Swift in middle with Major League scout Julian Mock- honored as life time scout for MLB and the Cincinnati Reds, and right long time (retired) Coach Jabo Jordon or Southern Union CC in Whatley AL.

BATCO Honored Pan-American games August 03 2023, 0 Comments

BATCO Like to thank all the suppliers and manufacturers That were involved in a couple of very important deals that we were able to put together.

 BATCO furnished cages for the Canadian National Games And  then just recently working with suppliers and managers of the Pan-American games being held this October in Santiago Chile .  We were able to supply all the baseball and softball equipment.   We feel privileged to be able to help and supply quality equipment to proceed this event such as this.  If you get good cable TV It would be worth checking out.

 Coach Arnald Swift BATCO

Installation of BATCO cage for the Canada National Games in 2022

Speaking of Canada this is one at the private school in Calgary.

Outside Instruction December 17 2021, 0 Comments

I would like to add a little something to the question I had yesterday:  do you think it's valuable to have outside instruction at facilities, personal instructors, coaching our individual level. The answer that question in my opinion and my opinion is is my opinion after were 50 years in the game. The answer is both yes and no. It's yes if the player really wants to go it's yes if the players really willing to listen it's yes only if the player is willing to do the work outside of instruction.  There's no magic formula a player that can hit the ball cannot go to an instructor or to a camp or to the facility one or two times then all of a sudden get  the ability to hit the ball.  What all that instruction does is allow him to get the knowledge so that he can work on it correctly outside.   There is a reason players are better when they get the time from their parents, brothers sisters, friends all those things that cause  them to do the skill over and over.

Don't get me wrong if it's enjoyable and the kid wants to do it is an activity then perfect if work for you and the player then do it and enjoy it. But it won't make any difference if all you do is go once a week and never do anything outside of it.  Nothing is accomplished one day  a week has to be done consistently and often.

The saying is true we have to enjoy the journey because the destination is hard to get to and a long ways off.

Coach Arnald Swift



Player Tryouts July 18 2021, 0 Comments

We have this come up on a regular basis especially the seasons quit and teams have players leave and need to add to players or trying to establish a new team regardless if it's for a local league or travel  ball. There are huge  areas and questions to be answered but I would like to address one from the standpoint that I am the assessor and trying to establish what players have the ability, understanding, knowledge and be a player that I want to have on my team.

First and foremost during tryouts we want everybody to do the same thing catch the same flyball of a machine preferably so it's always the same, throw the ball from the same spot, normally from shortstop on a easy rolled ball by the coach so there's no fielding really involved just getting it picked up so I can see his arm and his accuracy.  Then again using the  machine have the ball hit to the player again at shortstop is normal seeing how he fields the ball--  hit the ball off of tea and time in contact to touching first base with a stopwatch to assess speed- and finally using a machine so easy strikes so that you can see the bat swing, mechanics of the swing, and how hard he hits it.

Now I realize I've used the word machine a lot of times and the reason we do that is because everything will be consistent but if you don't have a machine make sure you use the same person trying to replicate the same throw, , by the way I always thought don't use the bat you can't be consistent there, so that every player has an equal opportunity.

 Then hear something that I look at that normally people don't give enough credit for I want to see how the kid reacts when he fails when he succeeds I'd like to know his attitude and reactions when he throws one over the first baseman's head or drops the flyball. Does he pout kicked the ground and carry-on orders and get back and say let's do it again by his actions not his words by  his actions not his words.  Then if you have a chance make sure your recruiting parents as well as players.  these two are very difficult because they're not quantifiable they just have to be how you feel about the situation and what your instincts tell you but there worthwhile making notes of as well as the mathematical/numerical values you have on a players skills-- running--hitting--Fielding-throwing- catching.

It will be worth your time to be able to have these numbers and facts when you tell a kid yes you're on the team or worse when you have to tell a kid/parents that no were going to pass and not use you this year.

Good luck and doing one of the toughest things around getting a team with players that you can coach and get good performance out of while making it a worthwhile experience for everybody.

Coach Arnald Swift BATCO



Coaching in today's environment October 30 2020, 0 Comments

How coaches and parents can help with players and playing.

Are You Ready to Play June 01 2020, 0 Comments


If you experience at getting to play BB or SB this summer it has not been good.

BUT please take it on yourself to get ready when the time comes.  There is a lot you can do in the backyard with a baseball or tennis ball.  Don't use the excuse you DO NOT HAVE a cage, equipment, others to play with do it yourself.

Tennis ball against a wall for fielding, ball on roof and catch the roll off, throw into a blanket, hit off a homemade tee into the blanket, stay busy and think so you are ready when the time comes to play.

Coach Arnald Swift

Hitting right handed or left February 01 2020, 0 Comments

an eye hand coordination problem

How to Get Recruited December 06 2019, 0 Comments

How to recruit yourself to college, methods, ideas, suggestions

Player Going into High School July 15 2019, 0 Comments

Player going into high school, prep school, team to play on, playing up, parents evaluation, coaches evaluation

Pulling Batters Head on Swing February 26 2019, 0 Comments

Hi Coach,

Coaching up here in Northern California, Little League (10-12 year olds, Majors).  The one thing I have the biggest problem with is kids pulling their heads as they swing and not keeping their eyes on the ball.  I've tried a lot of home remedies, but nothing works consistently.  Any hints?

You are correct this is a problem and you're correct until he can once to stay in and look at the ball while he swings it will not happen.

The first and foremost thing is that they have to get in the right sequence: have to step and get their foot on the ground, rotate their hips,then bring the bat through the strike zone hands first.
The best drill that I've found for this  is a version of the soft toss drill.  Get a  screen (probably a pitcher L-screen) and have the batter stand at the plate (preferably in a cage) and soft toss directly at him both underhand and overhand just like your throwing pitches over the plate, using a screen to protect yourself.  This will allow him to concentrate on the three steps and not worry about how hard he's going to hit it or if he's going to get it and he can keep his head down and see the ball all the way and even trying to see it come off the bat.
Hope this helps and if we can help you more with getting DVDs or conversation please just let me know.
Coach Arnald Swift