Player Going into High School July 15 2019, 0 Comments

Hi Coach Swift,

I would also like to inquire on whatteam he should be trying out for next year. He has excelled well in middle school baseball, and his coaches advise him to start off at Junior Varsity and then play at the varsity level for the next 3 years. Is it a good idea to skip freshman for J.V. and play for 3 years on varsity, even though he has the capabilities and determination? whats your advice? Thanks for the help, I would really appreciate it.

First off, i really like your site. Its given me plenty of strong tips. My son is going to go into high school next year, and we have been considering several prep schools with good athletic programs in the new jersey area. Does my son have a better chance in being well scouted in a prep school than a regular public school?



NO it's been my best experience that regardless of where the player plays colleges will find him. The only disclaimer to this is that they like players that have played against good competition. So make that one of  your priorities in that -- he goes to school that plays a good schedule .

The common denominator here is that no matter what level he plays or any age he has  to play, I have seen good players skip a level and then have to sit on the bench at the level they are trying to play because they were too good for the level below but they were quite good enough for the level they are suiting up for.  This would be true in any sport. I personally would rather have a kid play at a lower level and be a player and get a lot of time than to be a level up (which kids find prestigious sometimes) but not get a near enough time. My answer keep him at the level he can start at.

I would add one more thing here, as a teacher and a coach for 34 years I find parents put too much value on a kid's performance in the athletic arena and not enough in the academics. Don't get me wrong I spent thousands of dollars of my kids athletic career and they got college scholarships but that's where it stopped as will happen with almost every single kid. With the exception of very rare individuals we should be going to school for its educational benefits and playing sports, not the other way around going to play sports and try to get education just because it's there. As good as your boy is the odds of him doing anything more than getting help with his education are rare, in fact it's my belief that if he has enough talent to make a living playing sports, then they will find him no matter what.

Thank you for your interest and hope we can help you sometime. These are my thoughts and comments is nothing written in stone you and I are just having a conversation, mine just comes from a different perspective.

Coach Arnald Swift.