Mixing Sports August 31 2015, 0 Comments

Dear Coach

I have coached baseball for years and have told my kids that baseball and golf do not mix. A lot of golf can be a detriment to your baseball swing. Am I off base with my teaching.


I can't really agree with you to give the short answer.  I see athletics as all independent.  When I first started out baseball players did not lift weights, but now we know how to do it and the increased strength has not be gained at the loss of flexibility (that was the worry).

I don't believe one skill takes away from another.  We have too many good and very good golfers with in baseball some of  them almost PGA caliber.

I understand what you are asking but I think it fallen in the categories of  "It sounds like a good idea" but in truth no factual basis.

Sorry to disagree but you and I are two coaches talking.

Coach Arnald Swift