Left Handed or Right Handed July 23 2015, 0 Comments


I have a left handed 6 year old.  The coaches are having him bat right and throw right.  They think he does better as a righty but I was wondering if this is a mistake because he is a lefty and sometimes it takes lefty's a little longer to figure stuff out.  Should I encourage lefty or let it be righty?

Thank you, Ami

Dear Ami

Amy this is a simple answer if he's left-handed that he should do things left-handed in your coaches should be helpin him be a lefty  in baseball being left-handed really can be an advantage. The question really don't make any sense. If he's truly a left-hander, eats, rights, points, all the normal things in life that he left-handed then you'll create big problems if you try to convert him to right-hander. I think there must be more to this story because I've never heard of a coach trying to turn a left-hander into a right-hander. Normally what happens is when they take a right-handed batter and try to teach him to let bat left-handed because of the advantage.

Therefore my advice is leaving left-handed and don't ever bring it up again tell your coaches that he's left-handed that's the way it is, unless there's more to this question that I see.

Coach Arnald Swift