Player and Parent Relationship on Playing June 09 2015, 0 Comments

What would you do to motivate a player that has all the opportunity to be a good player.  He has a manual for pitching and doesn't even look at the workouts, has a batting cage and doesn't spend much time grooving his swing.  He is going to be 15yrs.         Please advise.
Dear Anthony

If what you describe is true that you have a real problem it you that wants to have the boy be the player. But if he's 15 years old he's got his mind made up of what you would really like to get out of the game so my advice is to sit down with him and have him tell you what he wants and then you do it.  It is always been my philosophy of my own boys and players and I've coached for them to tell me what they're willing to do and then hold them to that standard. If they tell me they don't want to play then I say okay what do you want to do, because if it isn't baseball and we need to do something else is my patent answer because we're not going to do nothing.  What we do do were going to do to the best of your ability and do it right.   It sounds to me like your boy only plays when you wanting to and not because he wants to.

The truth is your raising the boy not to baseball player so be willing to work with him in what he wants to do, is just my advice don't let him do nothing.

Coach Arnald Swift