How to use a Personal Instructor April 27 2015, 0 Comments


At what age is a good time to start investing in a personal trainer for ur son in baseball? I'm asking because I have a dad that's so into I "have to have" training for my 11year old son so he can get better...  So am I not helping my son get better by being out there throwing the ball around, working on T work and ground work my self? My son has a passion for baseball that he gave up all other sports just to have that ball and mitt in his hand everyday.. Take note also that these two boys average about 80-90 games a year with there travel team... Please help!!!

Dear dad

First and foremost I'm not a big fan of personal trainers, I would rather see you get some good objective advice from somebody that knows what's going on. Then at that point you and your boy and start to make a plan how to continue on with his passion of baseball as you state. 11 year old's just want to play first and foremost.  I can tell you right now that it's more important to get in a lot of swings, a lot of drill work, and learn to throw and hit than to get all wrapped up into personal trainers.  Granted they might know the correction technique but the reality of it is that they're going to do the same thing that your coaches or you would do. The truth of the matter is I would rather see an 11-year-old play the game enjoy himself and work on drill work with dad or brother on the side than get involved with a personal trainer costing a lot of money and doing the same things that you could do.

Now don't get me wrong I understand the concept of an expert, but most of the time an expert is somebody that just lives 50 miles away. 

I know this may sound a little different than your question was asking me but my advice is get a pattern and work on it between yourself and your boy so both of you will enjoy it and it will come out as a good ending. 

Coach Arnald Swift