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Try These to Get Better December 19 2021, 0 Comments

Rapid Fire Ground Balls

This is a great way to end your traditional infielders’ positional work during practice. At the conclusion of your normal ground ball work at each position (third to first, short to first, second to first, 6-4-3 double play, 5-4-3 double play, 3-6-3 double play, etc.) have your infielders all gather at their respective positions and prepare them for rapid fire ground balls.

For example, your third baseman will be at his or her usual spot while the coach is hitting a fresh ground ball the split second he/she throws the ball across the diamond. This will make the fielder have a constant head on their shoulders and be prepared for whatever may come next (a ball hit to their left, hit to their right, a slow roller, a high chopper, etc.).

Since the ground balls are coming at a non-traditional rate, this will create a fun and competitive environment for your team and coaches. You’re also likely get some players that begin diving at balls and getting dirty, which will certainly get a rise from their teammates. Just make sure they’re still utilizing proper footwork and mechanics, as this drill can become a little bit chaotic.

This take time and work to get players to learn how but it is a great drill and will pay off with ball handling in the game.


Social vs Play Softball November 03 2020, 1 Comment

As I watched both baseball and softball I've come to conclusion that won't surprise anybody but it's something that you need to be aware of as you pick and choose who you're playing with and when you're playing.   The old saying that boys need to win to be happy, but girls need to be happy to win whole some real truth. 

As I watch softball games the girls are much more involved with their teammates but that there on the offense or defense they stay in there with encouragement much more than boys do.  This is not good or bad it just the involvement of the two games. So one of the real aspects and serious aspects of choosing a team to play on his do you enjoy playing with these girls/boys win or lose does that become the most important thing over winning or losing. Or the other side of the coin is would you rather play on much better team that's always has a chance to win but at the same time you're not very close with your teammates in fact you don't actually like some of them but the overriding factor of winning and playing with a good team is better than being with your friends that you really like but don't stand much chance of winning but do have a good time.

There's no right or wrong but the question of social versus victory is a real one and you need to ask your player what they want but more importantly you need to take a look at how they're reacting when they're placed on these teams or have these choices.

My personal belief is I would rather have them happier and playing that unhappy and playing even if you are winning more.

Coach Swift



Mental Training for BB or SB lost June 15 2020, 0 Comments

In this time of having to stay home bound players are board and on the computer for many hours. But while I advocate for them getting outside and being active there certainly are some activities that they can do on that computer that will improve their mental knowledge of the game and maybe give them insight.

Here's a few that might work for you but please encourage your player and/or yourselves to look the sites using Google or any other search engine and specific questions.

Stay mentally sharp as well as physically getting ready for baseball and softball to start.



Try this type activity while you are home safe.

Tagging Out Runnners on the Basepaths January 17 2020, 1 Comment

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Tagging Runners in the Basepaths December 10 2019, 0 Comments

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Infield Bucket Drill March 01 2019, 0 Comments

Bucket Drill

by Randy Huff
(Darien, CT)

Coach sits on a bucket behind pitchers mound (Honey Hole). He will roll slow rollers to either SS or 2nd base.

The drill is designed to have the middle infielders roll a double play, with each player doing a little hop after they throw the ball to first base, signifying a runner sliding into them.

The coach gets to watch how the play unfolds, like watching how the fielders field the ball, flip or throw to 2nd base and watching the small hop after the ball is released.

The coach can have a lot of fun with the drill by putting the middle infielders on a stop watch to see who can do it the fastest, kids love the drill.

Then move bucket and coach by home plate and have players go to 3rd base. Have a coach on 3rd base as a runner.

Roll ball to the players at 3rd base, make sure they look the runner back before firing ball to 1st base. Then make sure 1st baseman catches ball for out and pops off base to look at home for the play.

If the player forgets to look coach back, have coach score from 3rd. This is all explained with less than 2 outs of course.

Skill though Fun Relays November 19 2018, 0 Comments

Relay, The Event

This is good for organization and skill.  Set up the teams by dividing the players (make it random so the teams are even in abliity) as they will be competive I promise after teams are set up, have each player set his hat on the ground next to him.

Normally this is a throwing drill but you can create other such as base running, fielding, even hitting.  Throwing Relay starts by throwing to the player in front of them than following the throw to the next hat, now when the ball reaches when the baseball the other end of the line, that player sprints down up the line to the other end, while all other players move up one hat.

This relay ends when all players are back at their own hat, sitting on the ground.

This version adds the element of conditioning, the added excitement of the foot race as well as the throwing and receiving race.

Players of all levels really like this drill. The throwing and receiving part is tougher for 6 and 7 year olds; but they improve quickly.

Try it the players will like it especially the younger players that are learning to throw and run.

Base Running Drills for Baseball or Softballs August 20 2018, 0 Comments

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Work Alone on the Wall July 06 2018, 0 Comments

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Pitchers Cover 1st Base March 23 2018, 0 Comments

Ball Hit to the Right Side

Pitcher Covers First Base 


Pitcher covers first base on ball hit to right side when ball hit to the right side of the infield. Place a cone 8-10 feet in front of first base for pitcher to run to after ball is hit. Have the pitcher head directly to the cone and up the base line with glove held high as target for first or second basemen fielding the ball.

Most delicate play in baseball.