Home Plate Fair or Foul August 01 2023, 0 Comments

Coaches-  let's discuss foul balls around home plate.  Let me start off with the situation story that  happened a few nights ago the local softball park with a 12-year-old coach.   the story ends with him eventually getting  ejected because he didn't know the rule and would let up.

The  batter hit a ball correctly and home plate,  this happened twice during the game,  and it went out toward the pitcher. The coach just would not believe that  the umpire to the rules he said any ball that hit home plate is automatically foul.  of course is not home plate is in fair territory and as long as a done touch the batter before they leave the batter's box and it's a fair ball.

 let's discuss is just a little bit more so we don't have this problem over again.  a fair or foul ball is determined when it  is touched.   it can easily get into fair territory and go file or  it and found territory and go fair what determines that fair  or foul  is where it passes 1st or 2nd base or  where it's touched.   it has nothing to do with the box and home plate it's where it's touched that's the key. 

In this  particular case the coach simply didn't know the rule, and  got himself and parents upset over this lack of knowledge. 

 when you approach is umpire,  don't argue safe/out  ball/strike  that's a losing proposition what you should ask what you should question is rule.   when you approach umpire  tell him what rule your disagreeing with,  then you have a chance to get it changed.  Safe/out ball/strike  our judgments and are not going to be changed.

 Hope this helps and keeps the game moving  smoothly and nobody ejected or upset.

 umpire for over 50 years.===  Arnald Swift