Social vs Play Softball November 03 2020, 1 Comment

As I watched both baseball and softball I've come to conclusion that won't surprise anybody but it's something that you need to be aware of as you pick and choose who you're playing with and when you're playing.   The old saying that boys need to win to be happy, but girls need to be happy to win whole some real truth. 

As I watch softball games the girls are much more involved with their teammates but that there on the offense or defense they stay in there with encouragement much more than boys do.  This is not good or bad it just the involvement of the two games. So one of the real aspects and serious aspects of choosing a team to play on his do you enjoy playing with these girls/boys win or lose does that become the most important thing over winning or losing. Or the other side of the coin is would you rather play on much better team that's always has a chance to win but at the same time you're not very close with your teammates in fact you don't actually like some of them but the overriding factor of winning and playing with a good team is better than being with your friends that you really like but don't stand much chance of winning but do have a good time.

There's no right or wrong but the question of social versus victory is a real one and you need to ask your player what they want but more importantly you need to take a look at how they're reacting when they're placed on these teams or have these choices.

My personal belief is I would rather have them happier and playing that unhappy and playing even if you are winning more.

Coach Swift