Skill though Fun Relays November 19 2018, 0 Comments

Relay, The Event

This is good for organization and skill.  Set up the teams by dividing the players (make it random so the teams are even in abliity) as they will be competive I promise after teams are set up, have each player set his hat on the ground next to him.

Normally this is a throwing drill but you can create other such as base running, fielding, even hitting.  Throwing Relay starts by throwing to the player in front of them than following the throw to the next hat, now when the ball reaches when the baseball the other end of the line, that player sprints down up the line to the other end, while all other players move up one hat.

This relay ends when all players are back at their own hat, sitting on the ground.

This version adds the element of conditioning, the added excitement of the foot race as well as the throwing and receiving race.

Players of all levels really like this drill. The throwing and receiving part is tougher for 6 and 7 year olds; but they improve quickly.

Try it the players will like it especially the younger players that are learning to throw and run.