Off Season for players October 25 2017, 0 Comments

I as a coach, and a parent would like to put my opinion in on this as it continually comes up and probably always will. It is my true believe, now it is becoming more and more peoples, believe that kids need to change sports back off of training for our given amount of time to let their bodies and their minds to something else.  Players whether they be girls or boys need to enjoy more than one thing in their life and the intense pressure put on them from such an early age to become a specialist is unrealistic. Think how many times you changed your mind and what you wanted to do in life as you grew up kids like diversity. Then just a big a factor is the stress is put on the muscles, joints, just the physical well-being by consistently trying to do the same thing over and over. The body needs rest and diversity so it's my firm opinion and that of experts much much smarter than me that kids need to rest their bodies, stay active, do other things in their careers so they get enjoyment. If they are good they will get the chance to start to specialized as they get older. To push kids that are under 16 and to pigeonhole is not a good thing. Think about it how you  work your own life  and don't try to impose your wishes and wants on your player.

Opinion from Coach Arnald Swift