Drills in Sport and There VALUE November 22 2017, 0 Comments

  • Some Practical Thoughts On Baseball Drills By Category
  • Drills are the essence of sports.
  • Knowing the fundamental basics within each drill, allows you to make on the spot corrections and suggestions for the players.
  • Look for versatility in your drills, can they provide you with more than one purpose? You will ALWAYS find that time is short, making versatility more important.
  • Keep drill segments to a time allotment. If it's not working, move on. If they have accomplished your goal for that drill, move on, even if you have time left in your schedule.
  • Select drills that are easily implemented as well as fun. Lining up on the foul line to run sprints has been fun for very few over the years. Working on increasing your base running times, somehow isn't running, it becomes good hearted team and individual competition. In doing so, you gain practice time on baseball skills; but maintain the conditioning. Win/win! This is but one example, you can accomplish the same results with any skill you want to work on.
  • The more activity, the better. Keep groups small, repetitions high. If a drill runs for too long, quality of the repetitions diminishes, not from fatigue; but from loss of concentration.
  • Strive to stay away from situations where you are painted into a corner. Running a drill until players have completed X number of perfect repetitions can be counter productive.
  • The focus often shifts from fluid athletic movement to robotic, by the numbers movement, in the hopes of not making a mistake.