Drills for the Batting Cage April 22 2015, 1 Comment

Too many times we think that the cage is only for hitting off the machine or off the pitcher. That is the furthest thing from the truth you should use your batting cage and your pitching machine for other uses.  Batting cage should be used for Tee work, soft toss, front toss, short distance batting, throwing drills, then on the defensive side, catchers drills both live in off the pitching machine, fielding drills.

Too many times we forget that all three of the main aspects of baseball, catching, throwing, hitting can be done in the cage with great repetition.  Batting cage eliminates a lot of chasing the ball around.  

Before somebody says what you can only hit straight on ground balls, think about it that's exactly what you want the player to get in front of the ball and field the straight on ground balls. The ability to do all these drills indicated will transfer to the field. 

You can certainly get them done with great repetition and more efficiency if you use the batting cage as part of your total baseball program.