Shipping Overseas November 29 2018, 0 Comments

BATCO continues to be one of the few companies that is willing to work with foreign customers in their shipping and equipment needs.  BATCO as certainly worked with many foreign customers over the years but over time we have gotten to be very good at it finding ways to get clients equipment that they need.  This is been a feature BATCO for several years but in the last year is become even more important aspect of their sales because of our ability.  I'm not saying it's cheap, sitting overseas is never the least expensive option but when they can't get what they want, or need something that's very specific we can provide it and we can get it to them through several channels of shipping..  We can ship port to port ocean or air, postal, common carrier, or even freight at times.  Whatever is the best for the client always making sure that he gets there safely and is able to be collected and used as they expect.

Foreign shipping is just 1 of the aspects the BATCO gives an let's just be 1 of the leaders in sales for equipment and the complete (EVERYTHING IS YOU NEED) equipment provisions for facilities, schools, organizations, and the individual.  Please know that BATCO can and will  take care of foreign sales.