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NY Mets and BATCO July 08 2019, 0 Comments

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Summer sale from BATCO June 16 2017, 1 Comment

BATCO would like to announce their holding a summer sale  for June and July with a 10% discount off of everything except iron Mike's pitching machines, on the website. All you have to do is go to the website and  enter the code  SUMM10 to get your 10% discount..  We certainly appreciate any and all customers.. As always we have a special going on  with   clearance stance mats $260 complete check those out.


Super Special Sales December 23 2015, 0 Comments

Dear BATCO Baseball and Softball Friends:

We at BATCO want to say Happy Holidays

We at would like to thank you for chance to serve you in 2015, it has been our pleasure.

Special Offer to everyone: The factory mistake on BATTERS STANCE MAT both green and clay 6x12 with batter box and home plate. These mats are 1st quality material the mistakes are in the home plates, lines, streaks in the turf but because of their mistake we can get a STANCE MAT with batter’s box, and home plate for $250.00 (FREE SHIP). These are normally $359.00 plus shipping.

There are a limited amount!!

We are always here to help. There is one more offer that might interest you, ALL products on have a 10% discount when you fill in the coupon box at check out.

Hope to see all and talk to all of you in 2016 or see you on the field.

To you and yours happy times on the Holiday Days coming up.

Coach Arnald Swift BATCO and BBT SSD

Baseball and Softball Conventions November 13 2015, 0 Comments

BATCO once again will be in attendance at many of the countries leading conventions for both baseball and softball. And we certainly welcome any and all coaches, parents, instructors, or just interested parties to stop by. We're going to attend the Las Vegas show the first weekend in December, then in January we will be at the ABCA in Nashville, next weekend will be the Colorado baseball coaches show in Denver, following weekend were going to attend the Mohegan Sun out there in Connecticut, then finish up for five days with The Best You Can Be convention now being held in Atlantic City New Jersey.

These are all shows we been to a regular basis, and on that note good like to offer the Christmas special and coaches special that we always do to our vendors and direct customers. In the month of November, December, in January you can purchase the BATCO cage at its regular advertised price and receive free shipping in the continental United States.

BATCO cage set up on turf

Hitting the Softball Change Up July 30 2015, 4 Comments

4 Ways to Hit the Change Up

While all pitchers want to throw faster, all batters fear the Change Up!

Ask most batters what pitch they hate the most and they’ll no doubt say the Change Up. Not falling for that crazy pitch is hard so make sure you if you struggle with it then keep these 4 tips in mind.

You’d think it would be easy hitting something that goes SLOW, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. From a batter’s point of view waiting on a change up is much harder than being quick enough to handle a pitchers speed. The problem for a batter comes when you let your weight drift forward onto your front foot before you recognize the pitch’s speed. Doing so causes you to use all her power before you uses your hands, so all you can do is swat at the ball without putting any body behind it, resulting in a pop up, a weak groundball or a swing and miss.

Before we look at the 4 methods for hitting the change up let’s talk about how to detect the speed of the pitch as soon as possible. When it comes to hitting a change up you need to Recognize It and Practice It. Start to recognize the change up by standing in during pitching practice whenever your pitchers are working on their change ups.  You won’t swing, you’ll simply stand in and when the pitcher releases the ball, as soon as possible you should say either “fast” or “change” whenever you know what speed the pitch will be. Pitchers need to practice change ups more than they do so combining pitching and hitting practice is killing two birds with one stone.

As far as practicing hitting change ups go, probably the simplest drill to do is something I just call Fast – Slow. It’s done with either your coach or a teammate tossing front toss about 10-15 feet in front of you. The tosser will randomly toss a straight-fast one and then a high angled-slow one (almost like slow pitch). I know that change ups don’t really angle up like that but it just helps exaggerate the point and helps you learn to detect even the slightest change in approach angle of the ball. This drill will really help you see the different speeds of the pitches. When you do this drill, use whichever of the following 4 methods for hitting the change up that seems to work the best for you.
Bunt It – Some players are able to recognize the change up and keep their hands in a position that allows them to bunt it. This is something that you should practice but just be aware you wouldn’t want to do it with 2 strikes.
Forget It – This is probably the most common method for hitting the change up, and that’s to simply forget it – or, watch it go by – until you get 2 strikes. Hitting a change up is not a high percentage situation for you so this method says don’t try to hit it until you have to – which is with 2 strikes.

The Anchor – This method has you drag your back foot forward once you’ve realized it’s a change up. Much like throwing out an anchor, this method helps you put the brakes on your forward weight shift allowing you to stay behind the ball as much as possible.

Squeeze the Knees – This one is similar to the Anchor method, and has you squeeze your knees together as soon as you realizes it’s a change up. Again, this technique is intended to you slow down your forward weight shift and helps you keep your weight behind the ball instead of drifting forward and getting out on your front foot too soon. When you try this try to avoid squatting down with your knees, instead, keep your legs tall and simply squeeze the back knee into the front one.

Cindy B.



International Shipping to Singapore July 05 2015, 0 Comments

BATCO can ship International. BATCO can provide baseball and softball equipment of all types to schools, coach's, parents, players, and merchants in Singapore. We ship pitching machines, artificial pitching mounds, balls, batting cages and can provide all baseball and softball equipment for a client.

This shipping Singapore can be done by Postal Service, Ocean Freight, Air Freight, UPS, FEDX, DHL what ever is best for the customer matching the equipment, time frame the client wants, and the budget.

Then BATCO will help with the door -to-door delivery also if the client needs that service.  BATCO ships either from the USA port (ocean or airport) to Singapore Port.

BATCO will give the client the cost of port to port, the client will collect the equipment at the port and pay the tax's, fee's, duties, etc that Singapore government places places on the shipment.  BATCO does not charge or collect these monies.

There are no special restriction on shipping to Singapore, it is very easy and straight forward.
Normal travel time is 10 days by postal, 3 weeks by ocean, and 3 days by air freight, carrier is normally 10 days.
Items we have shipped to Singapore: Click on title to go to product page.

Total facilities in Singapore with all the baseball equipment.

Singapore facility infield artificial turfBatting cages, pitching machines, L screens, in the Singapore facility

Infield Practice on Artificial Turf Singapore   Batting Cages with Protective Screens and Pitching Machine


BATCO in LA Dogers Camp Phoniex March 20 2015, 0 Comments

BATCO at the Dodgers camp in 2012 in Phoenix which they share with the Chicago White Sox. 

The Dodgers are one to the friendliest clubs to the fans, you can get very close and they actually walk though the fans to change field. 

No autographs until they are finished but they are a fan favorite for sure because of the way they allow close access.

LA Dogers work out in Phoniex complex, 2014 Spring traing

BATCO visits Spring Training March 18 2015, 0 Comments

2014 Spring training the start of each year for baseball. 

Something that can be enjoyed in a relaxed mode for sure.  All fans should try it at least once. 


Check out the website for all the information on Spring training.

Coach Swift of BATCO enjoying the sun and baseball.

Salt River staduim, Rockies, Diamond Backs shared stadium