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Usually I use this blog to show featured products time I would like to show  what BATCO is doing with major-league baseball and play global.. We had the opportunity Two years ago  a chance to help with baseball in Uganda. I don't over the you noticed or not but two years ago tthe African nation was the first African country to requalify for the Little League World Series. Like to congratulate Pat Doyle the leader in this play global push. But BATCO was very pleased and furnishing cages that the local associations put up you can see in the pictures. We were happy to participate in this program with batting cages that we could package and send through their avenues of shipping. And even happier if we are part of, and we think we are, of the success of foreign baseball. That's actually one of the things BATCO does very well ship and sell to national teams overseas as startup programs or as programs that are going well. BATCO is shipped to many many countries over the years and will continue to keep that part of our sales and equipment provisions up and going.

Please check out the pictures and see what other people are doing when they get the chance.

Coach Arnald Swift BATCO

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