NY Mets and BATCO July 08 2019, 0 Comments

BATCO's been very busy and has missed telling everybody about an exciting event that occurred at the first of the season. BATCO was able to partner with the New York Mets in creating a showing at their FT. Lucie Florida spring training site. We set one up and batters, pictures, coaches, and even front office people took a look at it and were very impressed. Enough that we were able to partner with the Mets in their showcase introduction of their new AAA ballclub in Syracuse New York. Being front and center on the Carrier Dome floor with two BATCO cages as the Mets hit in the cages, did drills, and thoroughly entertained the fans. But equally important to BATCO was the impression that we left with the Mets that this is a superior cage for this kind of work indoors and is easily professional quality. As these were the same guys you see on TV hitting in the batcocage and getting along well and enjoying it. A great deal of thanks for the Mets for this opportunity and BATCO is a fan of all baseball but the New York Mets now hold a special place.