New Testimonials for BATCO August 13 2018, 0 Comments

Every once in a while  a company needs to show what other people think, I had a really good one this week complementing BATCO and so I would like to show you what other people think.  These are completely unsolicited coaches and clients that have sent these testimonials/reviews in and I just thought it might be worthwhile to show you what other people think:

Grant Doering – Canadian Hitting Facility

Hi Arnald,

  • The job you did in regards to my order and education in setting up this baseball camp was excellent. The info on equipment was appreciated and helped me make the best choices I could without actually trying the equipment first. The web site at BATCO is second to none and I continually refer to it for future ideas and additions to my camp.

Hi Arnald,

Dave Cook- Atlantic Baptist University 1st year of program.

  • Just wanted to again thank you for your help and ease of of our past purchases of baseball equipment for our university team. This past fall ABU hosted the Canadian Intercollegiate Baseball Champions here in Moncton NB. Not only did we host we went in through the front door as the Atlantic Champions. At the end of the year we were ranked in the number 3 position. Not bad for a university of 700 and who plays against other twice to three times our size. With the equipment we bought it allows us to get into the gym and train beginning in January and running through until we can hit the field.

 Hi Arnald,

  • Thank you for checking in to see how things are going. I truly appreciate that. I think you've done an outstanding job with me.  You have shown a lot care and support in what the customer needs, and you are always very quick with the services and responses that you provide to your customer. I'm sure many of your clients appreciate that.

Best wishes


Tong-Ching Tom Wu

PhD Prov. Candidate

Sports Biomechanics Laboratory

Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation,

University of Alberta, Canada