International Shipping to Belgium July 05 2015, 2 Comments

BATCO can ship International, BATCO can provide to coach's, parents, players, and merchants in Belgium.  pitching machines, artificial pitching mounds, balls, batting cages and can provide all baseball and softball equipment for a client. We even have a dealer in Belgium, call/email and I will certainly get you connected.

This shipping Belgium can be done by Postal Service, Ocean Freight, Air Freight, UPS, FEDX, DHL what ever is best for the customer matching the equipment, time frame the client wants, and the budget.

Then BATCO will help with the door -to-door delivery also if the client needs that service.  BATCO ships either from the USA port (ocean or airport) to Belgium or Netherlands Port.

BATCO will give the client the cost of port to port, the client will collect the equipment at the port and pay the government tax's, fee's, duties, etc that Belgium places on the shipment.  BATCO does not charge or collect these monies.

There are no special restriction on shipping to Belgium, it is very easy and straight forward.
Normal travel time is 10 days by postal, 3 weeks by ocean, and 3 days by air freight, carrier is normally 10 days

Items we have shipped to Belgium:  Click on title to go to product page.

batting cage, stance mat, pitching machineterra cotta home plate stance mat with batters box

Batting Cage and Machine                   Hitting Stance Mat