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New Baseball Faculity in Denver Colorado February 07 2023, 0 Comments

BATCO is pleased of help the newest baseball Academy get up and going in Denver. It's located on the south end of Denver in the Lone Tree area.  Offering cages, machines, instruction  At the newest most vibrant Academy in Denver.

Please check them out HitStreak on Facebook and on the web.

BATCO is pleased to furnish the turf and other equipment along with being partners for the netting.

Coach Arnald Swift BATCO

New Colorado Springs Academy December 16 2021, 0 Comments

BATCO, was more than pleased to be part of the construction of CageRats batting cages and facility. This is an extremely full-service it is one of the few in the country that has a legitimate for 90 foot infield allowing for any and all drills. Then the ability to separated into sections for other sports, indoor tournaments, who knows what's going to come up with all the abilities they have. BATCO was happy to furnish giant cages, netting, equipment along with working side-by-side with Rocky Mountain turf in getting the infield built. It's my true belief that you could do better and if you have a need just hit the ball I have a full team practice contact CageRats in Colorado Springs.  (719) 445-8500

New Faculity from BATCO March 11 2019, 0 Comments

Flagstaff AZ, this is a old faculity that BATCO outfitted over 9 years ago and it is still going strong.  It is one that is worth the time and effort to see and use if you are in the area.  Many programs and exceptional equipment.  Take a look at the pictures and visit when you get a chance


Special event in Flagstaff baseball/softball center.

Arnald Swift BATCO

Newest Facility BATCO Helped Equip August 27 2018, 0 Comments

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New Facility in Colorado Springs Colorado November 30 2015, 1 Comment

BATCO has had the privilege of furnishing the new facility in Colorado Springs Colorado called Planet Fast Pitch.  It illustrates how versatile and comprehensive BATCO can be to service needs for the player, coach, or facility.  We are pleased to furnish all equipment, netting, and even the turf was purchased through BATCO.

Here in Colorado, planet fast pitch is considered the absolute best softball instructional Academy in the country. It is owned and directed by Alan Colglazier- a Hall of Fame softball pitcher, college coach, high school coach, and recognized as one of the premier instructors for fast pitch pitchers.

They recently moved into this bigger building and now are up and running servicing any and all facets.

 Team working in large room on fielding and hittingHitting cages Planet FastPitch in Colorado Springs CO

Planet FastPitch-Alan Colglazier owner/instructor located in Colorado Springs CO

Runyon Field Pueblo Colorado July 09 2015, 0 Comments

Feature facilities that BATCO has helped with continue to increase. Facility pictured this week is Runyon Field in Pueblo Colorado. Runyon Field is home to 11 leagues from eight-year-old boys and girls up to the collegiate baseball team playing on seven fields, almost every single night of the summer.  This comes after hosting six high schools that use Runyon Field as their home field for their league play.  In the fall the same six high schools all play their home games in high school fast pitch.  There is always something going on at Runyon Field.

They are extremely proud of the 16 batting cages, two turf fields, the the turf covered mounds on the high school and college field, along with other amenities for both the player and the fan.  Make sure you drop by or visit by web.

runyon field pueblo coloradoall turf field for 8U baseall and 8U-10U softball

Pueblo Colorado Runyon field             Small turf field for 8U baseball & softball games

conversion fence baseall to softball

Conversion fence from baseball to softball.

Picture Blog of Baseball Overseas June 25 2015, 0 Comments

As I promised the last block I want to show off some pictures so this blog is a little different in that it is all photos and captions just to give you information and show you what we can do it BATCO with international shipping. Take a look at the link international shipping to see how we can help you out of country.

New Recreation Center at Kipstadium FRANCE

The THF (The Hit Factory) in Jakarta Indonesia

The original THF (The Hit Factory) in Singapore

The Cage in Belgium one of the first BATCO equippedUganda Africa in cooperation with Play Ball Global a MLB program.

BATCO Baseball/Softball Training Faculity June 12 2015, 0 Comments

Winder Dugout-Winder GA

"How Has BATCO been important to your successes since starting your Baseball and/or Fast pitch Training Facility?"

BATCO was a tremendous asset from the very beginning as we began to discuss our ideas with them and the way Coach Arnald treated us as part of the family all the way to opening day. He was very helpful in bouncing ideas off of him and him giving us great advice as well. The equipment we purchased through BATCO was top of the line and we have had no complaints, it was delivered on time and went beyond our expectations. Our clients have been thrilled with our facility and we have grown at an incredible speed to the point of us already discussing expanding our facility within the next three months and opening three more facilities within the next two years, we continue to receive praise for our facilities equipment and design.  BATCO

Winder GA one of the first work with.Winder GA top view cages

Flagstaff Athletic club Arizona Training Facility May 01 2015, 0 Comments

In Flagstaff Arizona, there is one of the finest facilities around. Jim and his staff taken converted indoor tennis courts, and converted into a facility that now has seven lanes for hitting with iron Mike pitching machines, and two lanes for live pitching/hitting.  The lanes are set up for the baseball player, softball player.  One more thing about the lanes they are 16 foot high which is about 4 foot above the normal because Jim wanted to be able to cater to the slow pitch player, which he has done admirably.

This has to be one of the biggest and best that BATCO never been part of, furnishing all the iron Mike's, netting, pitching mounds, and turf products.  We are extremely proud of this facility is now been open about three years.  

Jim and his staff host many events there, offer instruction, offer team rentals for year-round training, and certainly individual player development from the young the  to the most proficient.  All located under one of the biggest plastic free span buildings will ever have the privilege to be in.   

Please visit Jim, Beth entire staff at the Flagstaff Athletic Club, and I should add here that this is a complete facility from swimming, basketball, personal training, exercise rooms to the ultimate.

Dr K's Training Facility Marysville TN April 21 2015, 0 Comments

This training facility has 6 lanes, for hitting drills and teaching. Along with live throwing for batting practice. 

A unique feature of this facility are dirt mounds used in pitching drills and learning to throw from the mound. 

Josh/Dr. K's is especially proud of the orange color scheme on the protective screens to honor the Tennessee colors. I believe you'll find all the equipment and instructional expertise at the facility. Drop in  and visit.

Unique dirt mounds in training facilityDr K's training lanes, L screens, stance mats