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BATCO Facilities Newly Installed July 12 2019, 0 Comments

BATCO cages, game day bubble facility, Parker Colorado

Senior League Denver Colorado September 29 2015, 0 Comments

There is a baseball league in Denver that caters to the senior players. With levels for 50 and up, 60 up, and even 70 and up. They play from the early spring through the summer for the pure enjoyment of the game. BATCO is extremely pleased to join with Come to Play.  Here to Play is a full-service league with a training facility, hitting facility, clubhouse, pro shop, along with the full league of games.

BATCO is extremely pleased to a furnished the netting, for the entire facility.  One very unique thing about this that is worked out extremely well is that the front of the dugout instead of being chain-link is number 42 net in place of the chain-link. And even more unique is that the outfield fence is number 36 nylon netting instead of chain-link fence. This allows them to take it down and put it up each spring. The cost savings was extraordinary over the cost of chain-link fence and the installation of that fence. Mark took a risk there and has proven to be more than functional it really works, for this league.

Here to Play Field in Denver                                      Here to Play game- note Artifice mound

Runyon Field Pueblo Colorado July 09 2015, 0 Comments

Feature facilities that BATCO has helped with continue to increase. Facility pictured this week is Runyon Field in Pueblo Colorado. Runyon Field is home to 11 leagues from eight-year-old boys and girls up to the collegiate baseball team playing on seven fields, almost every single night of the summer.  This comes after hosting six high schools that use Runyon Field as their home field for their league play.  In the fall the same six high schools all play their home games in high school fast pitch.  There is always something going on at Runyon Field.

They are extremely proud of the 16 batting cages, two turf fields, the the turf covered mounds on the high school and college field, along with other amenities for both the player and the fan.  Make sure you drop by or visit by web.

runyon field pueblo coloradoall turf field for 8U baseall and 8U-10U softball

Pueblo Colorado Runyon field             Small turf field for 8U baseball & softball games

conversion fence baseall to softball

Conversion fence from baseball to softball.

Colorado High School Partner May 29 2015, 0 Comments

Shown here is the baseball cages for the complex at Broomfield high school in Colorado. BATCO  is pleased to say that we provided all the netting that you see. This is something that the players and coaches  very proud of and when opposing coaches and teams come in to play they remark " This is Nice".  So BATCO is very proud of partnering with Broomfield high school and there baseball program. Of course we can help you also.

San Mateo California baseball and softball facilities May 22 2015, 1 Comment

BATCO is the baseball and softball coaches at San Mateo junior-college. We are proud that we supply equipment for them especially with their tarp needs.  These two programs have exceptional facilities to go along with her coaches and both programs they are with their winning ways.  Any parent, player, or just interested fan would do well to go by and see these facilities in San Mateo junior-college in California you will be impressed. 

If you are a player or a parent this would be an exceptional place to play and learn.


Flagstaff Athletic club Arizona Training Facility May 01 2015, 0 Comments

In Flagstaff Arizona, there is one of the finest facilities around. Jim and his staff taken converted indoor tennis courts, and converted into a facility that now has seven lanes for hitting with iron Mike pitching machines, and two lanes for live pitching/hitting.  The lanes are set up for the baseball player, softball player.  One more thing about the lanes they are 16 foot high which is about 4 foot above the normal because Jim wanted to be able to cater to the slow pitch player, which he has done admirably.

This has to be one of the biggest and best that BATCO never been part of, furnishing all the iron Mike's, netting, pitching mounds, and turf products.  We are extremely proud of this facility is now been open about three years.  

Jim and his staff host many events there, offer instruction, offer team rentals for year-round training, and certainly individual player development from the young the  to the most proficient.  All located under one of the biggest plastic free span buildings will ever have the privilege to be in.   

Please visit Jim, Beth entire staff at the Flagstaff Athletic Club, and I should add here that this is a complete facility from swimming, basketball, personal training, exercise rooms to the ultimate.

Dr K's Training Facility Marysville TN April 21 2015, 0 Comments

This training facility has 6 lanes, for hitting drills and teaching. Along with live throwing for batting practice. 

A unique feature of this facility are dirt mounds used in pitching drills and learning to throw from the mound. 

Josh/Dr. K's is especially proud of the orange color scheme on the protective screens to honor the Tennessee colors. I believe you'll find all the equipment and instructional expertise at the facility. Drop in  and visit.

Unique dirt mounds in training facilityDr K's training lanes, L screens, stance mats