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New Baseball Faculity in Denver Colorado February 07 2023, 0 Comments

BATCO is pleased of help the newest baseball Academy get up and going in Denver. It's located on the south end of Denver in the Lone Tree area.  Offering cages, machines, instruction  At the newest most vibrant Academy in Denver.

Please check them out HitStreak on Facebook and on the web.

BATCO is pleased to furnish the turf and other equipment along with being partners for the netting.

Coach Arnald Swift BATCO

Sports Faucility in Coloraod Springs Colorado December 30 2022, 0 Comments

BATCO was part of one of the finest training facilities in the state at the FARM in Colorado Springs CO.  Featuring a full 90ft infield, individual instruction- 10 batting cages- surface turf area for soccer, lacrosse, flag football, even softball games.  BATCO did the unusual Trapezoid cage that are of HUGE size (check out the picture). 

Go check it out and put it to your use.

Coach Arnald Swift


The Farm in Colorado Spring and Batting cages shown in back

New Colorado Springs Academy December 16 2021, 0 Comments

BATCO, was more than pleased to be part of the construction of CageRats batting cages and facility. This is an extremely full-service it is one of the few in the country that has a legitimate for 90 foot infield allowing for any and all drills. Then the ability to separated into sections for other sports, indoor tournaments, who knows what's going to come up with all the abilities they have. BATCO was happy to furnish giant cages, netting, equipment along with working side-by-side with Rocky Mountain turf in getting the infield built. It's my true belief that you could do better and if you have a need just hit the ball I have a full team practice contact CageRats in Colorado Springs.  (719) 445-8500

Training Facilities July 20 2021, 0 Comments

BATCO is extremely proud of a facility in Denver called double Angel that has a bubble training center along with two playing fields.  It is one of the premier facilities in the country and what  makes it very noteworthy besides training for all age groups is that it is a facility that the Colorado Rockies professional baseball used as an alternate site during virus and one that they send players to now to work out because of totality.

It has for BATCO  batting cages--pitching mounds and pitching  lanes--full infield to work out on-  ceiling is high enough to create some  fly ball situations. In short it's as good as it can get and worth looking at for your player as a place to train.  The facility is second to none, equipment is first-class and the coaching is top-notch.

If you're looking for a place to train this is one that would work for you.

New Faculity to Check out November 10 2020, 0 Comments

new facility and new ability to market your facility, new website, new facility links

New York Mets Spring training- BATCO June 10 2020, 0 Comments

BATCO was privileged to help the New York Mets last spring training when they were getting ready for major improvements at the facility in Ft. Lucie Florida. In the spring training season of 2019 the Mets used the BATCO batting cage as a temporary cage there in Ft. Lucie and then again in their grand opening in Syracuse New York at the Carrier Dome.

BATCO was privileged and pleased to work with the install and the New York Mets in getting these things accomplished.  BATCO would certainly like to thank the Mets for the chance to work with them and show the BATCO quality can be used by the highest level players.

Hopefully when the virus situation and simmer back to playing baseball the Mets will be part of the pennant chase as they were in 2019.

BATCO Batting Cages

Taking BP on the Turf field at the facility

Australian Training Facility February 11 2020, 0 Comments

Australian training facility,  BATCO furnishes overseas,  all equipment needed for a facility, what a small facility should look like

BATCO Facilities Newly Installed July 12 2019, 0 Comments

BATCO cages, game day bubble facility, Parker Colorado

Newest Install of BATCO May 13 2019, 0 Comments

BATCO was pleased to provide to batting cages for South Colonie high school in New York.  The high school now has one of the finest training facilities that can be gotten. They went all out in providing two cages for their baseball and softball teams, and even purchased golf divider Nets so that the golf team could get inside and hit balls. This will provide all the players practice time and produce positive results regardless of the weather. Not to forget that they can get a jump on training and starting indoors. I'm sure you all remember the weather on the East Coast last year in 2014.

They did one other thing that rather unique, they created a cover for their cages so when they're stored they will be enclosed both for safety, intrinsic look, and just a good way to do it.  They are the first to do this should be congratulated for this step and the extra work they were willing to take on, it turned out very well.

Indoor cage at South Colonie HS NYUnique BATCO cover in storage on wall, closed


New Faculity from BATCO March 11 2019, 0 Comments

Flagstaff AZ, this is a old faculity that BATCO outfitted over 9 years ago and it is still going strong.  It is one that is worth the time and effort to see and use if you are in the area.  Many programs and exceptional equipment.  Take a look at the pictures and visit when you get a chance


Special event in Flagstaff baseball/softball center.

Arnald Swift BATCO