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Newest Facility BATCO Helped Equip August 27 2018, 0 Comments

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New Traing from BATCO June 12 2018, 0 Comments

BATCO is proud of this new  facility that we have helped open in Australia.  David is doing many things, some of them not the usual for a facility besides the normal training, and sponsoring he's also working tournaments by setting up booths and sales at these tournaments not the usual thing but he seems to have it handled.

Please check him out  just for interest sake alone, and some thoughts.

fielders Choice Victoria Facebook

BATCO New Install March 12 2018, 0 Comments

BATCO is pleased to show off the new cages at Simms high school in Texas.. They purchased the home plate batting cage and have been using it now for two seasons.  They are reporting back " this cage is great we have lost a foul ball into the parking lot yet"  and if you check out the picture can see that he could also get into the woods or get lost pretty so it's been a great tool besides side plus in that it saves baseballs.

We were happy  have high school team this cage and the success they're having with.

BATCO Equipped Baseball Training Facility December 05 2017, 0 Comments

Allow to show you some pictures of Evergreen Colorado- Nick Trainign it is a facility that we were able to provide, batting cages, pitching machines, turf, and all the needed and desired peripherals to allow baseball and softball players to train and become better. This training is facilitated by having a facility that is inviting and there when you need. Then when you add instructors the know what they're doing you have a situation that is good for player and Academy at the same time. Please check  them out if you are in their area.

Batcocage set up on turf in Evergreen Colorado

Connecticut install at new high school October 17 2017, 0 Comments

BATCO is pleased to be part of the baseball program at this Orville Connecticut high school. They have a brand-new school along with these brand-new cages.. BATCO was pleased to offer both the cages and the install at this high school. And as you can see by the pictures they are being put to use by the team and I'm sure they will be a big asset to the baseball team in the amount of work they can get in in the cages getting ready for and during the season..Congratulations we are pleased to be part of this.

Latest BATCO project/facility August 21 2017, 0 Comments

we had BATCO always like to publicize and show off facilities that are part of our business and more importantly  part of our baseball softball community.  BATCO has the ability  to furnish any and all equipment  needed for facility and we like to think we are pretty much a one-stop shopping for equipment and our biggest selling point is our service and help  we don't try to sell anything. I know this sounds like a sales pitch and assorted is because I help you get what you want. And I love to show  facilities that we have  created in this is one of the latest.

this is Orville Connecticut high school a new high school that installed to batting cages into their facility to get maximum use out of practice time. Notice how many kids are actively working inside and outside one of the key deals to any facility  is the ability to have stations and nobody standing around, having everybody learn  and doing something. This was a custom install both in size and the actual install by BATCO and we are very proud of it.. Orville  coaches are exceptionally happy with the way it can be used when they have to come inside.

BATCO equipment install Connecticut high school June 21 2017, 0 Comments

BATCO was extremely pleased  to install to BATCO's custom-made  in the Oriville high school and get their team up and hitting. High school needed them to be shorter only 40 feet as they went crossways but as you can see they went in beautifully and are performing exactly as the coaches and players wanted..

Both BATCO and Orivillle are proud of this  facility and they will get years of use out of it as they improve their hitting and their game.

custom BATCO Connecticut high school

BATCO equipment at Runyan field and Pueblo Colorado March 30 2017, 0 Comments

BATCO is always happy to show off facilities and training centers that we were able to help furnish the equipment for. Each one of them has a new and different uniqueness to it but all have something to offer.

The one shown below  in pictures,, always the best way to show facilities is located in Pueblo Colorado, Runyan field is the facility's name it contains  six fields for all ages from college bound eight-year-olds. 


artificial turf at home plate and on the pitchers mound with inlaid batter's box.

eight-year-old baseball and softball field all turf at Runyan field.

 Panoramic view of Hobb"s field Runyan complex in Pueblo.. Something curious about this picture can you write and tell me.

BATCO Cage @ the high school doing its job December 21 2016, 0 Comments

This picture is of high school in Denver Colorado, that put one in last spring. There coach sent a testimonial that said " this is a perfect solution for spring baseball here in Colorado as we have to get inside so many times".  Because BATCO is in Colorado we are very proud of any and all installations we have here in Colorado.   This particular one is in D'Evelyn the school in Denver.  We have batting cages in almost every state and in over 10 foreign countries.. When it fits your program it is the best batting cage and batting solution you could get.


New Faculity at New York High School October 03 2016, 0 Comments

Custom Cover for BATCO

This is a custom cover that a high school in New York State wanted as a third-party add-on..  This was done by high school in New York and BATCO created this cover, as part of our service. It has a giant zipper on it they can be pulled down or pushed up with a stick or long string, the school is going to experiment with that. In the back it just comes down about 3 foot over the arches is not a full 100% cover. But it looks good and is attached at the top so when it's unzipped it is pulled open like curtains. Then use it again to back it up against the wall and pull the cover forward. It has a learning curve but the truth is it turned out very nice.