BATCO Baseball/Softball Training Faculity June 12 2015, 0 Comments

Winder Dugout-Winder GA

"How Has BATCO been important to your successes since starting your Baseball and/or Fast pitch Training Facility?"

BATCO was a tremendous asset from the very beginning as we began to discuss our ideas with them and the way Coach Arnald treated us as part of the family all the way to opening day. He was very helpful in bouncing ideas off of him and him giving us great advice as well. The equipment we purchased through BATCO was top of the line and we have had no complaints, it was delivered on time and went beyond our expectations. Our clients have been thrilled with our facility and we have grown at an incredible speed to the point of us already discussing expanding our facility within the next three months and opening three more facilities within the next two years, we continue to receive praise for our facilities equipment and design.  BATCO

Winder GA one of the first work with.Winder GA top view cages