Notre Dame Uses new BATCO Home Plate Cage January 06 2016, 2 Comments

Visit to Notre Dame

BATCO has had the pleasure of working with the University of Notre Dame in the baseball program there. Coach Miki Aohi has been most helpful in developing this new batting cage that's, easy to store, easy to move, easy to open and close, and be used anywhere on the field.

BATCO will be introducing this for sale at the ABCA and on the website.

We will be introducing this soon but wanted to get a preliminary review to the new BATCO Home Plate Batting Cage

Home plate cage, foldable, collapsible, easy to store, small footprint, easy to move, anywhere on the field

Home Plate Cage, Foldable, Collapsible, Easy to Store, Small Footprint, Easy to Move, Anywhere on the Field

Field cage, expandable, home plate, corner the field, use anywhere