Parents and the Umpires November 21 2018, 0 Comments

This is not really a rule but more of a discussion and I thought question that I experienced a couple weekends ago.  This would apply to any level but especially the youth baseball and softball.

As normal with these kind of games the parents are quite intense and certainly don't see things the way they really were, or as the umpire sees them.  And of course the umpire has to make the decision in a split 2nd and trying to get it right.  When it's close is always going to be somebody that thinks it was the other way around.  Obviously 99.9% of the time player that was affected negatively.

Now the discussion part normally the umpire would just have to take the parents verbal conversation and/or abuse or they would have to toss the parent out very very poor choice by the way, or go to management and get the parent compound or removed.

I become aware that several organizations Triple Crown, USAAA, youth baseball and softball plus I'm sure other organizations have taken another tactic in getting this particular problem handled.  This is what I saw at the ballgame and actually after 40+ years of umpiring is the 1st time I've seen this but I believe it to be effective and a good approach that kind takes care of it but at the same time defuses it before it gets out of hand.  On this never going to work every time nothing ever does the tell me what you think now that this is becoming more normal.


The parent gets on the umpire for call and just won't let up, so he/she turns the fan and as calmly as possible indicates they need to stop.  99/100 times this won't stop but now the umpire has at least indicated they have a choice.  The next as I find different and actually encouraging he calls the coach out of the dugout and tells the coach you need to talk to that parent and have them quit otherwise the consequences are going to be you as the coach and the parent are going to be removed from the field and the stands.  When I saw this in action for the 1st time I was truly amazed  it stopped things  completely and we went on with the ballgame.  I grant you  neither the coach nor the parent were probably happy but the situation was handled the play stood, as it always will, and the parent was quiet.  I'm sure the fear of being removed and the coach being removed her big and I'm sure the coach didn't want to be removed for what is parent was doing.  I suspect there's this further consequences whatever play out to the coach being ejected, the parent being told to leave, and anything would happen after that during the game or even after the game is being confronted but I really thought it worked.

What would be your thoughts and comments may be your youth are playing and you will see this or even that you will think about it as an alternative to your actions or the parents around you.  Your opinion please.

Arnald Swift the umpire