Fair-Foul-Home Plate August 03 2016, 0 Comments

Something worthwhile to go over again and that is situations that parents especially have a problem with when they watch a game and a ball is called fair or foul. I've had three things happen this week that were completely misunderstood that I thought I would go back through again for the parents, grandparents, and even some coaches unfortunately.

First situation: the ball hit the home plate and rolled out only about two or 3 feet into fair territory and the catcher picked it up through the first and the umpire called it fair and the first base umpire called the runner out both correct calls. But the fans in the stands (by the way this was a 10 under baseball game) hollered that he should not have been out and got on the umpire because the ball at the plate. (See below)

Second situation: the ball was hit on the ground and was rolling in foul territory on the third-base line, but the third baseman while standing in fair territory reached over and got the ball and threw the first again I complement the umpires they called it a foul ball no out just a strike in the batter return to the box.  But here comes the defensive coach he says his player was in fair territory therefore the ball was fair and out should've been counted. (See below)

third situation: the ball was bunted and was rolling down the chalk line and was almost ready to go off of the chalk line when the catcher picked it up and threw it the first.  Again the umpires called it correctly it was a fair ball, and the runner was out.  But again the coach created enough conversation that the two young men umpiring actually got together and talked about this. Then thank goodness they decide they were correct. (See below)

all three of these situations have the same exact answer and thought pattern the ball is what determines fair or foul not the player if the ball is touched and the umpire decides if it was over/on fair territory or the reverse it was it on or over foul territory has nothing to do with what was touched.  It does not matter where the ball hits whether it hit home plate withered hits the batters box with their lands off the bat into foul territory know that matters the only thing that determines fair or foul is where is it touched on or before first and third. If a ball passes over first over third after it is hit the ground in front of those bases then it is a fair ball regardless of where it lands.  Then finally in baseball the foul line is part of the fair territory, inbounds if you will there are several sports that the line is out of bounds, such as football, but there are many other sports such as soccer where the line is inbounds so in reality we have to know what the sport is we start to talk about lines. In baseball the lines are fair. 

I welcome any and all comments and questions I've coached and umpired for 40 years and believe I can give you accurate information and if not I will find out.  But nobody is seen in every situation.

Coach/umpire Arnald Swift