Fair or Foul Ball April 22 2015, 0 Comments

A situation in a ballgame this past week about what constitutes a fair or foul ball.  There's one overriding rule in baseball the ball is what is fair or foul not player.  The original question was the ball hit home plate and the umpire called it fair, correctly, but the coach thought it should be foul because it hit home plate NO, what makes it fair foul is one of the following criteria: 

1. If the ball hits the ground and then passes over or inside first or third then it doesn't matter where it lands past the base it is a fair ball. 

2. If the ball is in front of first or third base then it's where the ball is touched NOT, the player position of the ball is what determines fair or foul not player. 

3. What are the common ones is that the batted ball is hit into foul territory then comes back into their territory, too many times players or coaches or fans think that because the ball landed in foul territory then got into fair territory that it still foul ball. Again it's where it's touched in front of first or third base.  We never think about the ball that hit fair and then rolls foul everyone call that a foul ball, but the truth is the exact reverse of it is also correct it can land in foul territory and roll into fair territory (as long as it is in front of first or third) and it will still be a fair ball.  Just something they came up this weekend that's always been true.