The Batting Tee's


  • Through extensive testing, we have found the most comparable material to make hitting feel as real and game-like as possible, as well as being as sturdy as a tee should be.
  • "The Tee" is the newest and best hitting tee to come along since the original tee.
  • "The Tee" is perfect for all sorts of hitting drills for baseball or softball players.
  • It can telescope from a short tee to a high tee in just moments.
  • With poly-pro neck and a base plate meant for the outdoors or indoors. All the parts of "The Tee" are built for the rigors of the swing. With poly-pro neck and a base plate meant for the outdoors,indoors or the cage.e sell
  • "The Tee" is made to make your swing off it feel as real as possible.
  • The "Batting Tee" comes in full size or youth size both fully adjustable metal locking system for stable adjustments up and down.
  • Simple Assembly that unscrews from base in seconds for set up and take down, no additional weight
  • As an added feature the stem of the tee comes in 4 colors to give it a distinctive look.

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