On Deck Circles-Fungo (sold in pairs)

  • Fungo Circles (sold in pairs)  are various diameter and for uses on or around the field.
  • This turf is very tough 48 ounce face weight with a 5 mm foam back.
  • While no turf is spike proof, this turf is very tough and resist spike damage. You can use turf in all the standard ways. 
  • Fungo Circles.
  • Can create custom circles
  • Color Circles available, Cost 60.00 more per circle on color other than Green/Terra Cotta. 
  • Call for Color Choice
  • Any other use your imagination or what the need calls for.


  • Colors are in stock and shown, Green and Terra Cotta are colors shown.  Customization available please call and we can discuss availability and cost.

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