Halo's & Turf for Protection

  • Turf can be cut into many shapes, for many uses on or around the field.
  • This turf is very tough 48 ounce face weight with a 5 mm foam back.
  • While no turf is spike proof, this turf is very tough and resist spike damage. You can use turf in all the standard ways. 
  • Halo's.
  • Turf can be purchased by the square foot for custom uses such as Coaches Boxes, Pitchers Mats, Catchers Mats in the bullpen, Dugout Runners, Cage Runners, Small Pieces to hit infield off of and not wear out your grass.
  • Any other use your imagination or need calls for.


  • Colors are Green and Terra-Cotta in stock and shown, there are colors and customization available please call and we can discuss availability and cost.

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