Batting Cages

The purpose of any batting cage is to contain the ball all along the better to get in multiple swings and practice a valued part of baseball. HITTING THE BASEBALL.     We offer batting cages in the standard stock sizes, custom cages of any size or shape, we offer them in either nylon or poly with different net strengths.  When you're choosing your cage there are several factors that you consider and the budget. Allow me to give you some suggestions to help with the selection.
  • Nylon is stronger than poly (poly is a plastic material)
  • Nylon will last longer outside in the sun's UV rays.
  •  If this cage is going to be inside out of the sun and the weather then poly will work equally well as nylon.
  •  Net strength is measured by tensile strength of the netting- how many pounds of pressure it takes to break the net.
  •  Nylon of equal numbering labeling is about 30% stronger than poly.
  •  The number in front of the netting, example #36 indicates how many strands are in each cord, if the numbers higher or lower it is still the same material just a matter of how many strands per cord.
  •  #21 netting in either material works very well for the individual or backyard use, #36 netting or higher in either material works best for teams, facilities, recreation groups, anything with a higher rate of use than the occasional user.
  •  Regardless of which material, which net strength, or which size you choose you'll need to hang it on some kind of frame.
  •  We offer three basic frames that you can use. The standard in the ground frame, cable kit frame, commercial frame kit all work very well but each has its own particular use and install. And of course you might be just replacing batting cage net and already have the frame. There are other types of cages that are individually done, or that have special purpose.  We can provide any of those after talking to you whether it be the frame itself, or custom sized cage.

A FREE feature we add to each cage is an extra net, called a baffle net, you hang behind the batter to absorb the wear and tear on the end of the cage about the only place in a cage that truly wears out.

Always remember if you don't see it, call we can get it for you or we can build it. 877.462.2826

Choose from the drop-down's to create  your batting cage then go to the frame page and choose the frame that you need.



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