Batco Foldable Batting Cage

Note:This product is only available by phone order. Speak directly with Coach Arnald to make sure you get the best setup for your space and needs.

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72' Batting Cage

Price: $4,795 + shipping
Details: 72' L x 18' W x 12' H
Arcs: 5

54' Batting Cage

Price: $4,295 + shipping
Details: 54' L x 18' W x 12' H
Arcs: 4
  • CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE: If you don't see the width or the length that you need we can make it.



    Please give us a Call 877-462-2826 

  • Folds like an accordion for quick storage
  •  72' and 54' cage folds to 2 feet in less than 5 minutes. See it in action here
  •  25% wider than standard cages
  •  Arc shaped design for maximum hitting space
  •  Size allows live batting practice to be thrown comfortably
  •  Uses #42 Braided nylon net - the strongest available
  •  No permanent construction required
  •  No cables to run indoors
  •  No frame to build outdoors
  •  The customer will need to provide two end anchors (usually eye bolts), one at each end of the cage

  NO shipping shown---Please call for true shipping to your site.

Shipping specification for the 72ft BATCO
 1--Pallets--Batting Cage 32x32x36 = 375 lbs         2--Bundles--Batting Cage 113x4x5 =125 lbs
 2 --Bundles --Batting Cage 108x4x4 =100 lb        Total Ship WT= 600 lbs

Shipping specification for the 54ft BATCO
1-- Pallets--Batting Cage 32x32x36 = 315 lbs           2 --Bundles--Batting Cage 94x4x4 = 84 lbs
 2 --Bundles --Batting Cage 108x4x4 =100 lbs        Total Ship WT= 499lbs

Why People Love the BATCO Foldable Batting Cage

The BATCO cage was designed for shared spaces. It's when coaches need to use the gym or shared space along with the other teams such as soccer, track, and basketball at times. The BATCO cages store in its collapsibled form only 2ft off the wall and can easily be brought out to its full length and then put it away so that the space can be reused. BATCO cage is ideal for use in auxiliary gyms, rooms, balconies etc. When you have the right space it is a perfect solution for teams to use it, the collapse it and not take up the space away from other teams.

The cage itself is the absolute best quality with heavy duty steel frame, number 42 net, 18 foot wide, and 12 foot high. This extra width allows coaches to use drills, crossways, and get up to four sets of players inside doing soft toss, tee work, front toss, and hitting drills. Then coach can add to the outside of the cage the same hitting drills and get up to eight or nine pairs all working at the same time. It certainly gives the coach the ability to use their time better.  We can custom create BATCO cage widths that you want, decreasing the width from the standard 18ft width down to 14ft wide to fit established pads and where you are replacing batting cages.  Along with any custom length a coach would need.

We don't want to diminish its usage outdoors as there are certainly cases where we need to collapse it outside, normally that's for security.  When we want to be able to close it up for the winter and store the BATCO outside, the BATCO has a huge advantage with it ability to collapse.  It's durable enough to withstand the winter and not have to be disassembled and brought indoors.  BATCO is quite simply the best cage there is, combining quality, usage, storage, and security when it fits your install specifications.

What People Say

"Thank you so much for your great service. We just put the batting cage up and its fantastic. All the kids love the new cage. Thanks again."
-Brian Godshall

Why Choose Batco Foldable Batting Cages:

Batco Cage

Okay, so what is this?

  • 72' and 54' Batting Cages
  • BATCO Cages are 50% wider than standard cages.
  • BATCO cages can be customized regarding length and width.


    Outdoor Batting Cage by Batco

    Nice! Any Advantages?

    • Size permits live batting practice to be thrown comfortably.
    • Allows for Multiple Hitting Stations - inside and out.
    • You pick where you want to use it -- indoors or outside.
    • Each cage comes with written installation directions and a step by step installation video.


      Batco Batting Cage

      Why does it Fold? 

      • Folds for easy storage when space is needed for other activities.
      • 72' cage folds to 2' in less than two minutes. See it in action here.


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