Tips and Ideas for Building a Baseball/Softball Facilities

Idea Sheet for Building a Baseball/Softball Facilities

Pitching Machines:

  1. Iron mikes—
    1. C82
    2. MP5
    3. MP6
    4. MP4
      1. Set up for softball or baseball as all will throw baseballs or softballs. These have track fed or hopper fed for the balls.
    5. Wheeled machines
      1. Rawlings and Bata wheeled machines
      2. Feeder and pitch selectors are available for all the BATA machines
          • 1 wheeled machines that that throw fast balls or breaking pitches
          • 2 wheeled machines that that throw fast balls or breaking pitches but with greater speed
      • 3 wheeled machines (baseball only) that give you top speed and the advantage of randomization of fastball or breaking pitch.
        • Twin pitch machine that allow user to set 2 speeds of fastballs in 2 separate chutes. Which give you the effect of a fastball and a change up?
        • Feeders for these machines come with for baseball only, softball only or a combo feeder that will handle both baseballs and softballs.
          1. Zooka
              • Compressed air powered machine for baseball size ball only but throws hard, can be programmed for fastball and change ups. Very portable as no need for electrical cord.
              1. Personal Pitcher for small balls training.
                  • Throws plastic golf balls both fastball and curve ball.

                  Batting Cages:

                  1. BATCO expandable cage in 54 or 72 foot lengths #42 nylon netting or custom size
                  2. Rectangle cages in standard or custom sizes
                      • Polyurethane twine
                      • Nylon twine
                      • #21, #36 or #42 net strength depending on use and material
                      • Cable systems to allow netting to be hung from cable and be permanent or slide back and forth to open up the floor space
                      • Indoor frame systems to attach rectangular nets or trapezoid shape nets
                      • Outdoor frames to attach rectangular nets or trapezoid shape nets
                      • Cages and frames that retract into the ceiling by motor and pulley systems.
                      • Custom ideas and systems to fit the uses special needs.


                      Floor Covering:

                        • Polyester cage turf with 5mm foam backing, nylon mesh in the foam, nap any length needed
                        • Vinyl floor covering in several fabric weights to prevent damage to the floor while using it. As a practice area or as a set up area for events.
                        • Nylon cage turf with 5mm foam backing, nylon mesh in the foam, nap any length needed
                        • Nylon grass turf rubber filled cage turf with nap any length needed
                        • Nylon stance mats with batter box and home plate. Green or clay colored
                        • Custom turf in color, special spec’s , other customer needs
                        • Tarps for any and all uses
                        • Foam matting for padding up walls, columns and other areas of concern.


                          Baseballs and Softballs Balls:

                            • Yellow machine pitch baseball or softball
                            • White baseball machine pitch with red seams or yellow softballs with red seams
                            • Low seam leather machine pitch balls were baseball or softball
                            • Regulation leather balls from practice approved to association approved


                              Protective Nets:

                              Several frame sizes and net weights  Netting nylon #36 or #60 poly #36

                                • Pitchers l-screens
                                • Softball pitchers protector screen
                                • Rectangular fielder screens to protect fielders or machines.
                                • Adjustable netting in the cage
                                • Any protective screen can be ordered with a wheels or padding attached

                                  Hitting Stations:

                                  1. Soft toss- wheeler dealer
                                  2. Tee work
                                  3. Stationary hitting
                                  4. Plastic ball pitching machines
                                  5. Designated Hitter stand-in for the batter during live pitching drills.

                                  Additional items we have used

                                  1. Radar
                                      • Radar guns
                                      • Hand and glove held devices
                                      • Timing light and system
                                      1. Wall padding
                                      2. Portable mound-various sizes everything for
                                      3. Bleachers
                                      4. Pitching targets
                                          • Sock nets
                                          • Catch nets
                                          • Zip nets
                                          • Baffle nets
                                          • Strike zone pad
                                          1. Pitchers rubbers, bases,
                                          2. Bats aluminum or wood in all price ranges
                                          3. Helmets with or without face mask
                                          4. Batting gloves