Softball Specialty Pitching Mats

Spiked Pitching Mats for Artificial Turf

Portolite’s Spiked Softball Mat is the first ever softball mat that WILL NOT SLIP! No more adjusting your pitching mat. Portolite’s Spiked Mat has over 6000 or 500 spikes on the bottom to insure a stable pitching mat for every pitch.

•    Protects turf fields from wear & tear of pitchers
•    Will not slip on Turf, Grass, Dirt or YOUR MONEY BACK Guarantee
•    Now with painted pitching lanes perfect for games and practices (requested option)
•    Replaceable Rubber
•    Perfect for any practice application.
•    11’ x 3’ 55 lbs.


Small Spiked Artificial Turf Pitching Rubber:

  • Same qualities as the full mat only small enough to put anywhere
  • On the field for drill work and practice.
  • Ideal for younger  pitchers
  • 3x3 with Rubber and Spike Bottoms


Sticky Pitching Rubber for Smooth Surfaces:

  • 20 x 23 with permanent built-in rubber.
  • Special rubber compound that sticks to the floor all with no movement while being pitched from. gym floors, concrete, tile
  • Anywhere you need people to work from baseball or softball during indoor sessions.

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