Stalker Radar Guns

The Stalker Sport 2 Scout
Why buy a Stalker Radar?
Accurate and Affordable Baseball Radar Gun

300 foot* range and Stadium Performance at an
unheard of price!

The next-generation Stalker Sport 2 is the powerful, and easy to use baseball solution. Quickly and easily measure pitching and running speeds with (2) active speed windows.

    All 30 Major League Baseball teams use Stalker Baseball guns. In a class of their own, Stalker Baseball guns dramatically outperform other "toy radar" guns. Simple operation, certified accuracy, greater range, true pitch speeds, and consistent readings make Stalker Baseball guns stand alone.
  •         Capture accurate pitch speeds - EVERY TIME!
  •         300 foot range - Stalker guns outperform all others!
  •         Built to last - just ask any baseball scout.
  •         Accurate to +/- 3% of reading
  •         Measure speeds from 5-150 MPH
Includes Stalker Sport 2 radar gun, (6) AA NiMH (rechargeable) batteries, NiMH with Charger, hard carrying case and Operators Manual


Stalker Solo 2

Sports Radar Gun

The Do-It-All Sports Radar Lightweight and powerful sports radar designed to accurately measure speeds of balls, vehicles, and watercraft moving through the air, over land, or on water. The Stalker Solo 2 brings full functionality and features to the speed measurement of virtually any application.

    Whether your need is in a stadium, on a track, on dirt, snow or water, the Solo 2 will outperform competitive brands day after day.

    The Solo 2 measures the peak (release) and current speed in 2 active windows.

    Quickly and accurately measure the speed of vehicles on land or water.

    The Solo 2 attaches to the side of a backdrop and measure the speed of midway game balls thrown from only a few feet away.

    Track tennis ball speed on serves and returns from court side game after game.

Stalker Solo 2 Package
    Includes Stalker Solo 2, hard carrying case, NiMH battery, battery charger adapter, and
    Operator's Manual.


The Stalker Pro ll

High Performance Sports Radar Gun
The Choice of Professionals

The versatile Stalker Pro II is the choice of Major League Baseball and top-level collegiate and Semi-Pro teams worldwide. The Pro II quickly and accurately measures the speed of anything moving through the air, over land, or on the water. The one sports radar that does it all!

No other sport radar is as accurate, sensitive, or has as much range and versatility as the Stalker Pro II.

    Baseball Mode - 500 Foot Range!
    The bi-directional Pro II measures the peak (release) speed and plate (roll-down) speed of a baseball pitch, as well as the speed of a batted ball traveling in the opposite direction. All three speeds display at the same time.

    Vehicle Mode:
    Clock vehicles on land or water up to two miles away. The Stalker Pro II filters out other vehicles moving in the opposite direction of interest.

    Carnival Mode:
    The Pro II attaches to the side of a backdrop and measure the speed of midway game balls thrown from only a few feet away.

    Tennis Mode:
    Track balls on any side of the court, as the Pro II’s wide beam width measures both the ball’s peak (serve) speed as well as the decelerating live speed.

The Pro II High Performance Sports Radar package includes:

    The Stalker Pro II sports radar gun, Rechargeable Li-Ion battery handle, Hard plastic carrying case, Battery charger, Operators Manual

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