Radar Pitching Target

A pitching target with a sonic radar ball speed indicator. The Radar Pitching Trainer is a virtual umpire for the ultimate pitching experience. Pitch Count, Strikes, Balls, Outs Keeps track of  Umpire” display shown after each pitch.. Statistics are maintained for one or two players. For anyone that pitches any ball in any game.

  • Baseball or Fast Pitch Softball Calculates Ball Speed from 20 to 99 Mph
  • Ball Speed Starts Being Read at Release Point.
  • Read out for Baseball Can Be Set for 45' or 60' 6".
  • Read out for Fast Pitch Softball Can Be Set for 40' or 43'.
  • Simulates a One Half Inning with Your Electronic Umpire Calling Balls, Strikes, Outs, and Walks
  • Total Pitch Count, Cumulative Strikes, Balls, Outs and Walks.
  • Maintains Statistics for One or Two Pitchers with Embedded Software Calling the Balls and Strikes
  • Large Electronic Display
  • Long Battery Life – Electronics Run 80 to 100 Hours on Four D Cells (No Power Cords).
  • Collapsible Hinge Frame for Easy Storage Made from Heavy Duty 16 Gauge Steel
  • Poly Carbonate Pitching Target and Strike Zone.
  • Pitches over 90 Mph Will Create an Need for Occasional Replacement of Vinyl Target and Strike Zone after a Long Use Period.




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