The Wheeler Dealer - Soft Toss Drill Machine

A hitting drill machine for soft toss and other drills that a coach can use to improve and fielding skills.

  • Quickens hand speed
  • Develops the swing through muscle memory
  • Can be set for various toss heights
  • Set for frequency of quicker or slower tosses
  • Will soft toss any ball from a plastic ball to a regulation softball

Hurricane Net and Carry Bag

  • Big 7.5 Ft x 7.5 Ft Hitting Area that drops ball straight down.
  • Long lasting #21 Heavy Duty Nylon Netting
  • Easy Push Button Fiberglass Telescoping Poles 
  • Parachute Strapping to hold use and weather
  • Portable with easy to carry bag 
  • 2 Year Guarantee

Zip Net for Drills

  • Good to set up anywhere
  • Limited spaces
  • Save space
  • Easy to install and use
  • Any type of ball or drill.
  • Great for bad weather practice.