Rawling Pitching Machines

Rawlings one of the top names in sporting goods introduces pitching machines.  All machines are built to give years of service.

  • Rawlings pitching machines have solid urethane wheels.
  • LED read outs for speed.
  • Full five-year warranty backed by Rawlings.

* 3 Wheel Machine Features

  • The pitch head and wheel throw from any angle to give a variety of pitch choices.
  • Three wheel alignment creates 100 mph for baseball and 90 miles an hour for softball.
  • The three wheels offer three contact points on the ball for top speeds and best accuracy.
  • An exclusive digital control panel electronically lets user directly set the pitch speed, spin, and the amount spin for at least 37 different pitches at all speeds.
  • This Rawlings machine contains geared crank wheels for fast precise alignment.

* 2 wheel machine

  • You can create the angle you want to throw at with any pitch by adjusting the pitching head.
  • The top speeds on this machine are phenomenal 105 mph baseball 88 mph softball (much faster than you need).
  • With the weight of only 59 pounds super portable for on and off.  This portability allows for the use of defensive drills.
  • The Rawlings machine has speed displays switches for selecting miles per hour.
  •  Added feature of switching to kilometers in place of miles per hour.

* 1 wheel machine

  • Rawlings machine has the ability for baseball/slow pitch/fast pitch a true three sport pitching machine.
  • It features a compact frame weighting only 48 pounds giving the user easy maneuverability.
  • Leg height is adjustable for variable points of release.
  • Can be used with any balls but recommended poly machine pitch balls (no synthetic covers)

* Rawling Automatic Ball Feeder

  • This turret designed feeder holds more balls in less space than any other feeder.
  • It has a patent pending on its design that holds 35 baseballs or 29 softballs.
  • Included with the feeder is a wireless remote.
  • The ramp has a flexible ramp that connects directly to the machine, that displays the ball to the hitter as it feeds.
  • 2 years Rawlings warranty.


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